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As a yoga instructor I can guide your practice to improve body awareness and posture, release physical, emotional and mental tensions thus reducing stress levels. At the same time working on flexibility, muscle strength and balance. With the regular practice of yoga improves mood and the functioning of the endocrine system, the postures are designed to improve the body’s…

I have the level 1 and 2 of angelic reiki. It is a healing, by laying on of hands in which a very high vibrational energy is channeled, always angelic and sometimes even ascended masters and / or galactic healers of pure light, to heal through this. The sessions usually last between 40 and 60 minutes and are totally personalized and…

Hello, my name is emilio, I am a hatha yoga instructor, I currently facilitate the method of “yoga and meridians of traditional chinese medicine”. Energy (prana) flows through the human body through invisible channels called meridians. Each meridian is associated with a vital organ of the human body. Knowing the path of each meridian and its associated organs, we adapt the session…

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The yoga center rayma yoga – Centro De Yoga – Hatha Yoga – Centros De Yoga with address Carrer de Jacint Verdaguer, 25, 08970 Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona located in the town of Sant Joan Despí with zip code 8970 is a center for different sports activities taught in the marked schedules.practice different types of yoga, postures and balance mind body to improve your health both mentally and physically through yoga Sant Joan Despí The yoga center rayma yoga – Centro De Yoga – Hatha Yoga – Centros De Yoga

The rayma yoga – Yoga Center – Hatha Yoga – Yoga Centers offers the spaces and facilities necessary for the practice of yoga. A program adapted for all people regardless of their condition.

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Hatha yoga and meditation instructor, focused on wellness, prioritizing the awareness of our body and the attention to the breath, in holding the process in a loving and empathic way with our body.

02Organize your private yoga classes in Sant Joan DespíSpeak with your yoga teacher to indicate your needs and your availability. Schedule your yoga classes and pay for them securely from your email. Practicing yoga in Sant Joan Despí has never been so easy.

03Live new experiences and open your chakrasThe incredible “Student Pass” gives you unlimited access to all teachers, coaches and Yoga courses in Sant Joan Despí, in other cities or remotely for 1 month. A whole month to discover new passions with fabulous people.

Welcome to the beginning of change; if you’re here, it’s because you want to turn your lifestyle around and get into the benefits and advantages of yoga. But what exactly is yoga? Well, it is a set of physical and mental disciplines that aim for the person who practices it to reach an absolute individual balance. Its background is quite philosophical and spiritual, coming from India, and argues that the human being is able to control his body physically and mentally through meditation, breathing and concentration.

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We have just opened a dance school and we have a demand for yoga for children and adults. We also have demand for pilates. We need autonomous teachers. Timetable to be arranged by the teacher.Gelida, Barcelona5 days agoI need a Yoga Classes service with the following characteristics:

Teacher is needed for Pilates Reformer classes in Barcelona center located in the Eixample, contact Estudio 3 in the mail, knowledge in Biomechanics and physio will be valued. Good treatment and experience.

Training…  Estudio3 Pilates ReformerBarcelona3 days agoRequirements: Pilates Reformer Teacher is needed with experience, good treatment and professionalism for center located in Rambla Catalunya with Paseo de Gracia.

Schedule full-time (40 h week) and flexible (central schedule 9-10 to 17-18h). If you are an early bird and you like…  VONZU TechBarcelona24 days ago90 €/monthly …sponsored by the company and with a special price for your family

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