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El yoga tradicional nos aporta numerosos beneficios, desde el equilibrio hasta una mayor flexibilidad. Jugando con la gravedad, estos beneficios duplican su intensidad y notaremos una mejor condición física en poco tiempo.

Las posturas invertidas son mucho más fáciles de realizar con el apoyo de telas, por lo que la estimulación interna de nuestro cuerpo será mayor que en el yoga de suelo. Además, no tendremos que soportar todo nuestro peso, lo que ayuda a evitar sobrecargas.

La práctica del yoga en suspensión puede servir como programa de rehabilitación, de gestión del estrés, o como forma de explorar toda la capacidad de movimiento de nuestro cuerpo. Aunque está contraindicado para personas embarazadas, con glaucoma, problemas de presión arterial o epilepsia, hay beneficios muy importantes para la salud que están relacionados con el yoga aéreo.

Este tipo de entrenamiento mejora nuestra capacidad mental al tenernos más atentos a nuestros movimientos. Además, aumenta la memoria, incrementa nuestra creatividad y mejora nuestro estado de ánimo. Las posturas invertidas hacen que la sangre vaya a la cabeza, despejando la mente y oxigenando más el cuerpo.

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Aerial yoga, also known as aeroyoga, or yoga in suspension, is a physical activity that is constantly growing in popularity for two reasons: for the striking of its realization, and for the benefits that can be obtained with its practice.

That is why aerial yoga is a highly demanded activity in all yoga centers that are scattered throughout our geography and, obviously, to be able to teach this discipline is required to have completed specific training on it.

Therefore, knowing this activity a little better and all the good things it can offer will help us to either choose to practice it, or to include it in our catalog of services as yoga instructors or managers of any center.

Aeroyoga is a modality or variant of yoga, which includes a series of postures or acrobatic movements, and which have the particularity that they must be performed on a swing formed by a fabric, which is hung from the ceiling.

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Aeroyoga could be described as practicing yoga, but suspended in the air with the help of a fabric in the form of a swing. This exercise helps your body in many ways: to improve its flexibility and tone it, improve your posture, reduce back pain, relaxes you, nourishes your skin, increases your memory, creativity and improves your mood.

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It is surprising, fun and an experience, but there are also many benefits of Aeroyoga, both physically and mentally. By practicing it, you will gain strength, agility and balance, achieving an intense sense of well-being every day.

Getting off the ground, leaving stress and worries behind, moving slowly and with total freedom… That is the secret of this original form of yoga that gains followers every day because those who try it discover, in a few sessions, the benefits of Aeroyoga among which stand out:

The yoga postures performed in the air help to eliminate muscle tension that can accumulate especially in the back area (lumbar) and neck. It is to perform slow movements, which promote gentle stretching, so that all your muscles are released from possible stiffness or contractures.

This is another of the benefits of Aeroyoga. Your body “hangs” in very different postures, sometimes completely horizontal, sometimes with your legs raised above your head … all ideal movements to reactivate blood circulation with the benefits this means for your health.