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3. Dan is irremediably attracted to the figure of the old man, whom he ends up calling Socrates, because of the wisdom he transmits by asking questions. Have you ever needed someone like that in your life? Have you ever found him?

4. Review some of your life goals. Look at how you intend to achieve them. Take a deep breath. Do you find any beauty in the journey to achieve them? What is more important, the end of the journey or the journey to get there? Think about these questions for a while.

With our proposals we try to reach different people. Young people and adults; convinced believers, and seekers full of doubts; people, in any case, restless and eager to learn. We want to help people to translate their faith into images, language and daily contexts, and also to intuit God’s footprint behind everyday events. For this purpose, we offer reflections, articles and videos on current events; we also have a wide range of resources for pastoral ministry, prayers, readings and films that allow you to work in different contexts. We hope that all this will be useful and helpful.

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In this situation of confinement, there is nothing better than to entertain the mind with something that makes us reflect and become aware of ourselves and society. That is why I will be recommending films that help us to such reflection.

“I wanted to make a stop on the way to talk about a great movie “The Peaceful Warrior”, based on the book by Dan Millman (former athlete, martial arts master, coach and university professor) “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” where he explains his own story of change and overcoming. German-American film, directed by Victor Salva in 2006 and starring Scott Mechlowicz and Nick Nolte.

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We saw it in chapter 6 when we talked about the importance of having a Purpose, remember? Happiness is not sought, it is felt as we enjoy what we do. It is within us and does not depend on external factors. Therefore, says Socrates, the starting point is to answer the question “Are you happy?”

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Movies of all genres and for the whole family that you can watch wherever and whenever you want.  No subscriptions or payments required. This November new releases arrive such as La inocencia (2019), Ventajas de viajar en tren (2019), Invisibles (2019) or La odisea de los giles (2019), winner of the Goya for best Ibero-American film.

Isabel Coixet’s universe lays all its foundations with this film. The actors fill the screen with their tender love story. A bittersweet story in which the Catalan director expresses herself at her best with that particular subtle costumbrismo, which relies on the everyday anecdote, in the awkwardness of ordinary dialogues, funny, to dive into feelings. Cosas que nunca te dije tells the story of Ann, a young sales clerk in a photo store, who has just been dumped by her boyfriend; to overcome her anguish she turns to the Telephone of Hope, where Don tries to help others. You can watch it here!

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