Yoguilates, Yoga para Niños

Yoguilates 11. abdominals

A fusion between Yoga and Pilates where we will work the body, mind and spirit. You will be able to tone and strengthen your muscles while finding the perfect mind-body coordination.

If you have never practiced Pilates or yoga, this is a good opportunity to get into these disciplines. Or if you are a lover of both and you can’t decide? Yoguilates is your solution!

Both yoga and pilates are workouts that require practice so you don’t want to rush. If there is a posture that doesn’t work for you, it’s okay, you will gradually gain the skills to perform the entire practice.

Yoguilates is a practice that merges Pilates training with the ancient practice of yoga so you get the best of both disciplines: you will enhance your body with Pilates while connecting with your mind and yourself.

Both Yoga and Pilates are workouts that require practice so you don’t want to rush. If there is a posture that doesn’t work for you, it’s okay, little by little you will gain the skills to perform the complete practice.

Yoga and pilates united : 30 minutes of yoga and stretching

In this conscious and dynamic practice, you will find time to take care of yourself. You will learn postures in movement and have your final moment of relaxation. In short: a more intense and fast-paced class, while still being relaxing. Always respecting your body and its movement.

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In its origins we mention the dancer Jonathan Urla in 1997 (certified instructor in Pilates, Health and Fitness), who worked and researched obsessed with finding the balance between mind and body, and from his findings came to create the well-known Yoguilates.

Yoguilates unites the flexibility of Yoga with the strength of Pilates, and although there are differences between the two techniques, we will see with practice that the fusion is perfect in terms of improving the relationship between body and mind through conscious movement.

In the sessions both disciplines are constantly transferring to each other. Yoga helps Pilates to focus the mind-body attention through deep and controlled breathing, while Pilates helps Yoga to create strength from the center, the “core”, improving awareness and alignment.

Yoguilates | yoga and pilates | relaxation | breathing pilates

Yoguilates perfectly combines the benefits of two disciplines: Yoga and the Pilates Method. It is a way to find the body-mind balance. With this discipline we seek elasticity, muscle tone, breathing and relaxation in a dynamic and vigorous way.

As in the practice of yoga and Pilates classes are directed and where the instructor is correcting at all times for proper execution and where the exercises can be adapted to the needs of each person.