Yoga nou barris

Yoga nou barris, Yoga para Niños

cursa nou barris 2019 – pictures to download – malsujeto

In Bodymind we will work from body awareness, connection with breathing and movement, increasing muscle tone and mobility, improving postural control and learning to be in the present moment. The set of disciplines that make up our project, will allow us to have a more harmonious relationship with our body, release stress and, therefore, achieve greater well-being and mental balance while we stay in shape.

The hypopressive abdominals are one of the ways to work our abdominal muscles. All exercises are performed in apnea breathing, thereby reducing the pressure in the abdominal area and therefore, the correct method of performing the exercises.

The Yoga Trapeze is an inversion tool that allows you to practice aerial yoga postures. With the trapeze you can perform numerous dynamic and fluid exercises that work the whole body and also work deeper inverted postures than in a normal Yoga session.

esc prosperitat

It offers its clients the possibility of attending individual or small group classes of yoga, pilates or personal training. All this in a warm, fun and familiar atmosphere in which you will feel very comfortable. The center is located in C/ Buenos Aires, 52 Entl.3.

Another yoga center in Barcelona is Cotxeres Borbó, in C/ Ramon Albó, 41 – 57. They have a wide and flexible schedule with the best professionals in this discipline. You can also attend other courses such as swimming or aquatic therapy among other services.

The center, a direct subsidiary of the headquarters in India, offers all its activities and therapies free of charge, although they usually receive donations from their clients. To find out about the activities and schedules available, please write an e-mail or go to the center itself at C/ Cadí 19 bajos 2ª.

cursa de nou barris 2018 – barcelona

The district of Nou Barris, in Barcelona, has been working this course in a very active way as a member of the MUS-E Program. At the time we already gave detailed information of the MUS-E Day, held during the month of May.

Thus, we show you below three video pieces where much of this work is collected. The first one belongs to the Escola El Turó and shows a Yoga activity, a discipline very present in the MUS-E Program throughout the state.

The Institut Barcelona-Congrés is another of the centers whose videos we show you in this piece. Following the line of the work of the mind and relaxation, we collect an audiovisual content where the students of the Institut Barcelona-Congrés work on concentration in front of the camera.

In addition, a Theater Workshop, one of the classics of the MUS-E Program that could not be missing in this huge and productive work of Nou Barris. This time it is a representation of scenes through the hands, in a beautiful and original composition. As always, art at the service of integration, of sharing work spaces.

school confined, with joan artigal, director of the ie trinitat nova

I offer in consultation in the Congrés neighborhood Reiki Usui sessions of natural healing. Reiki is recommended as a complementary treatment for some physical ailments, whether muscular or derived from an illness. The sessions are also recommended for those who suffer from anxiety, insomnia or stress or simply need to connect with their body. I complement the…

I have been practicing reiki since 2006, I started the course of reiki and mastery in 2005, and I have been reinforcing the techniques of reiki with horns, aromatherapy and sound with tibetan bowls.

Reiki is universal energy that is transmitted through the laying on of hands. What is sought is the welfare of body, mind and soul. It helps to treat physical and/or emotional ailments of the patient.

Oriental therapeutic massages personalized and individualized, with Chinese and Japanese techniques, all based on traditional Chinese medicine, shiatsu, cupping, jsj, acupressure, descontracturas, relaxing. Orientation to the client’s health.