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Classes presencialesMetro Diego de LeónOFFICE 7 DAYS/WEEKAGRATIS Trial classClasses of 90 min. Postures, breathing, relaxation. Basic, intermediate or gentle level.COURSES FOR BEGINNERSClosed groups and previous reservation. Personalized attention, learn with us! MEDITATIONGroup meditations on Sundays at 19:00h. Introduction to meditation courses.

Free online activitiesFree live classes and meditationsFREE 24 HOURS FREE ACCESSLive online classes and recordings. Classical Hatha yoga. Classes of 90 min. with corrections.THE FIRE OF YOGA asana workshops with Swami Sivadasananda. Saturdays and Sundays 16:00h . Asanas, pranayama, relaxation.GROUP MEDITATION Every day live at 20:00h. Silent meditation, mantra chanting, spiritual reading.

Classes, online trainingsYoga for all levelsLIVE CLASSES 7 DAYS/WEEKLYLIMITED 29 € / month. Classes of 90 min. postures, breathing, relaxation. FREE 24 hour trial.COURSES AND WORKSHOPS ONLINEMeditation, philosophy, pranayama, positive thinking and other topics. Live classes. Recording sent.ONLINE TEACHER TRAINING 200HDFrom January 23 to February 19, 2022

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02Organize your private yoga classes in MadridTalk to your yoga teacher to let him/her know your needs and availability. Schedule your yoga classes and pay for them securely from your email. Practicing yoga in Madrid has never been so easy.

03Live new experiences and open your chakrasThe incredible “Student Pass” gives you unlimited access to all teachers, coaches and Yoga courses in Madrid, in other cities or remotely for 1 month. A whole month to discover new passions with fabulous people.

The practice of yoga in the West is summarized as a gentle gymnastic form, called “hatha yoga”. But in reality, hatha yoga designates a chain of abrupt and violent postures reserved for an elite of those who practice it. All yoga teachers agree: summarizing yoga as hatha yoga is very reductive. Indeed, it is as if we were hiding the impact of Gingko, Ayurveda and Ayurvedic massages on medical procedures by reducing them to drug solutions.

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A class with a calmer pace where we practice a series of asanas from the physical, glandular and energetic aspect (chakras). We will learn the main fundamentals of raja yoga: yamas and niyamas.

We flow with a series of more dynamic and demanding asanas, following your breath in each asana, so the class is more cardiovascular and meditation comes from bringing attention to your breath, we learn intermediate asanas and there is always a challenge in each class.

We flow with a more dynamic and demanding series of asanas, following your breath in each asana, so the class is more cardiovascular and the meditation comes from bringing your attention to your breath, we learn intermediate asanas and there is always a challenge in each class.

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Yoga in MadridDiscover great Yoga offers near you icon-trending icon Trend Bikram yoga classes Paseo de la Castellana, 161, Madrid – 5.1 km 4.3 icon-full icon icon-full icon-full icon-full icon-full icon-full icon-half icon icon 8 Ratings 125,00 € 125,00

Need more information? Check out things to do before you go Bikram yoga, 49 € Calle de José Rizal, 115, Madrid – 8.0 km 4.8 icon-full icon-full icon-full icon-full icon icon-full icon icon-half icon 15 Ratings 128,00 €

from26,90 € 77% discount_off Bono de 8 clases a elegir entre distintas disciplinas icon-clock icon Casi Se Acaba Bikram yoga en el bº de Salamanca Calle Maldonado, 52, Madrid – 3.0 km 4.9 icon-full icon-full icon-full icon-full icon-full icon-full icon icon-half icon 9 Ratings 140,00 €

If we tell you that practicing yoga helps connect the body and mind, you may not understand all that it entails. But the truth is that those who regularly practice this ancient discipline gain quality of life.