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The DiR Maragall gym with address Carrer de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 362, 08041 Barcelona located in the town of Barcelona with zip code 8041 offers various sports activities taught at the marked schedules.practice from weight training in the weight room to the latest group classes, dynamic and fun Barcelona DiR Maragall gym.

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fabian. I’m with a low cost rate and I want to change to free that is paid more and if I do not pay 15 euros I do not make the change … I think that if the rate is for a lower fee I would see it well, but in this case I think they spend a little bit.

mariangeles. i can only go to dir castillejos on half days, but this virtual classes are not motivating at all, i usually do spandir, but that of doing the classes with a tv is not cool at all, it has gone down a lot, i think that every day there should be spandir classes with a teacher, since i am thinking of quitting.

Due to work schedules I have always attended the noon classes, what happens now, that the schedules have been reduced and half of the days “from 13 to 14 h” the classes are virtual. You can’t do a pilates class while watching a monitor, etc, etc.

THE STAFF IS WHAT MATTERS. Of the Dir saga, not all Dir’s are the same, I think it depends on the time they have and the space they have available for it. They say that this Dir of Castillejos is one of the largest, if so, the problem is that it is large because it has many floors, and not little space per floor, so you have to be up and down floors to go to the locker room, up to go to a class or fitness room, down if you want to go to the pool, etc. so you do exercise whether or not you go to class. Although some will say that it has an elevator, but of course while waiting for the elevator after a class to go take a shower you get cold, if you wait for it to go to class you might be late. In spite of everything in the background I have realized after being in several dir that what matters are the teachers if you go to directed classes because it makes a lot that you return or not to that class and the truth is that I have been in several: yoga, mind body, pilates, etc. and the teachers that have touched me have known how to lead the class.

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Offers, discounts and promotions are the key words for this type of business, just like driving schools. And DiR is no less so. “The best Fitness with prices to suit you” is their slogan to attract new clients, but when it comes down to it, users end up paying exorbitant prices.

The trap is easy, and efficient. The company lowers the price for new clients, thus attracting the attention of people who want to enter the fitness world. In conversation with Metrópoli Abierta, from the center they have in Tres Torres they assure that the first six months the cost of the fee is 43 euros, while if the user prefers to pay the 12 months at once, the tribute is 420 euros. Extras aside.

Then there are the more familiar centers, closer to home. Vita Liberté is one of the most popular low cost gyms in Barcelona, especially thanks to the various promotions that can be found in low season. Currently, the annual subscription allows you to enjoy the first month for 9’95 euros and the following eleven for 19’90 euros. However, it is important to keep in mind that the price of showers and personalized training will be an additional cost to your normal subscription.

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I think that all of us who have unsubscribed from DiR have done so in large part for this reason. Many of us have already expressed our complaints, but as it seems that they continue to attract clients because of their good image, they don’t pay much attention to these complaints.

I work, like Manuela, in Social Media, but also as a supervisor of a customer service center that, fortunately, does not have a delayed response option, as Clubs Dir does here. For us (and I would assure that for any user of any service) there are only 2 possible options: to respond in a timely manner or not to respond at all. Obviously, the quality technicians who audit on a daily basis, do not consent to the second option, so you have to tune by listening empathetically to customers, trying, as the great movie said, “Loving means never having to say ‘sorry'”. For example, if your lock system seems to cause a few headaches, maybe it is time to think of another system, because there are some. Best regards and I hope things work out.